Kayako Support

Delivering customer support solutions on a daily basis, we cannot help but provide support services of our own regarding Kayako and our solutions. Subscribing for one of our support packages will make sure that we’ll come to the rescue in case you may need us either in terms of extra development, configuration, updates or professional advice.

We offer a variety of support packages which you can choose based on the estimated amount of support you may need.

Please, contact our support agent to find out more about our support services and their cost.

Kayako Configuration

We offer professional configuration services for the Kayako help desks. We can help you configure your system from something as simple as installation and e-mail piping to fully customized branding of the system to meet your needs. If you happen to be a newbie in Kayako, feel free to contact us and tell us what your needs and requirements are regarding a support system. We will gladly help you get to know Kayako’s functionality as well as help you open up the full feature range of this powerful help desk.

Kayako ITIL Consultancy

In a most generic sense ITIL is a set of best practice guidelines for managing your IT services and aligning them with the needs of your business. Offering a variety of structured, scalable, common-sense processes to be adopted by organisations, ITIL has long ago become the industry standard for IT Service Management (ITSM). Businesses decide to introduce the ITIL processes for a variety of reasons, such as improved customer satisfaction and productivity, better asset utilisation, alignment with commercial business services and reduced costs to name but a few. In other words, ITIL can give you a competitive edge over your competition, ensuring that you become a thriving well-established player within your industry.

We provide ITIL consultancy on markets, technology, human resources and strategies for business development. Delivering high quality prudent advice and real action plans, we work on different strategies in various market sectors.

An increasing number of organizations consider the introduction of ITIL to be the best practiceService Management to assist in development and implementation of ‘fit-for-purpose’ IT service solutions. The benefits of such programs of change allow organizations to:

  • · better integrate new business and IT strategies
  • · improve Service Management processes
  • · better manage your service resources and costs
  • · improve customer relationships
  • · improve customer satisfaction

Our company has a lot of experience integrating Kayako based ITIL processes to different organizations across the globe.

If you are already a user of Kayako and you want to integrate ITIL process into your company, our ITIL certified specialists can help you. We have created a set of modules which cover the following ITIL processes/functions:

  • · Change Management
  • · Resource Management
  • · Asset Management
  • · Problem Management
  • · Incident Management
  • · Service Portfolio Management

For more information on our ITIL services or an introductory consultation, feel free to get in touch with us.