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Auto-Response Module

Ticket Custom AutoResponse

The Ticket Custom Auto-Response module will allow your Kayako system to send subject-related canned auto-replies to clients after they have just submitted a ticket. The response will be triggered if there is a word in a ticket that matches a special macros tag. The module is aimed at enhancing the ticket reply functionality, based on macros.

Below is the description how the module works:

- During a ticket creation (no matter via mail parser or from users CP) the system checks whether there are words that match special macros tags in the ticket text.
- The system counts how many words coincide and how many times each coinciding word is repeated in the text.
- If there is 1 match, an auto-reply is created from macro and sent to the client.
- If there are 0 or 2 and more matches, no auto-reply is sent, except standard auto-replies, if any.

Please, check out the demo here:
Staff CP:
login: admin
pass: 123
User CP:

1) Create a new macro for ticket custom auto-response in the Staff CP. Fill in all fields in the General tab of the Insert Macro popup, as shown below:

Insert Macro popup - General

Insert Macro popup: General

2) To assign the macro to a certain department, use the Department dropdown at the bottom of the Properties block in the Insert Macro popup.

Make sure you have specified tags in the top Add Tags field (there are two of them), as shown below on the screen:

Insert Macro popup - Properties

Insert Macro popup: Properties

3) Submit a ticket from Client CP with the tag-word in the text (in Subject or Body). Don’t forget to select a proper department.

Submitting a ticket from Client CP

Submitting a ticket from Client CP

4) The macro-reply will be sent back automatically to the client if there was one match between the word and the tag.

The macro-reply is received

The macro-reply is received


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