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Ticket Gravity

Ticket Gravity Module

You are not happy with the way  Kayako sorts tickets? We want to present you Ticket Gravity Module, it is a new, rich and flexible way to sort tickets in Kayako! This module assigns a certain amount of points to each ticket (this amount depends on settings you will make) and then it sorts tickets by these points.

Staff CP

In Staff CP, you can sort tickets easily using the Gravity column.

The Gravity column

When you open a ticket you can see points assigned to this ticket in the Information box. In the Audit Log tab you can see how this points were calculated.


Points assigned to this ticket and the Audit log tab. 


Here you can see how the current score is calculated.

To highlight a certain ticket, you can use Manual Weight Correction (MW). Open the ticket you want
to highlight, click on the Edit tab, scroll down, find Manual Weight Correction (MW), fill its field in
with the points number that you want to assign to this ticket. Scroll up, click Update to save changes.


Here we can see that this ticket has only 86 points.


The Edit tab.


The Manual Weight Correction field.


The Update button.


We have changed the score, using Manual Weight Correction (MW). Now, when ticket has 786 points, we can find it easily.

Admin CP

Ticket Gravity settings:

  1.  Priority1
  1.  Ticket Type2
  1. Last Customer Reply3
  1.  Customer’s Behavior4
  1.  Multiple Customer’s Messages5
  1.  Escalation History6
  1. My Tickets7
  1.  Manual Weight Correction8
  1.  Tickets submitted from live chat9
  1. FORMULA10

Please, check out the demo here:
Staff CP:
login: admin
pass: 111111

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