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Ticket Reply Status

Ticket Reply Status

The Ticket Reply Status module will automatically set predefined colours to your tickets based on their reply status, such as “Default view, when the last replier is a staff member”, “Last replier is a customer, the message has not been read yet”, “Last replier is a customer, the message has already been read”, “Last replier is a customer and we have more than 1 unread message” as well as “Last replier is a customer, and we have more than 1 read message”.

Such enhanced visualization of your tickets allows for a faster and more efficient management of your customer tickets, which improves overall customer satisfaction. (Ticket reply statuses can be customized upon request.)


Setting colours for every ticket reply status.

To assign a color of your choice to any of the available ticket reply statuses, click on the corresponding ticket color box. Use the pop-pup color palette to select the color to be assigned to the chosen ticket reply status.

Ticket reply status

Enjoy a more optimized view of your tickets coloured to indicate their reply status.

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